So, ‘Managing your Time with the Help of Microsoft Outlook’ is now reduced in price for the rest of April 2017.  Yay! Image of book cover

Thank you to everyone that’s bought it so far – please, please, please do leave a review on Amazon, iBooks etc, as this really does help others to find the book.  All feedback is welcome, no matter what… it’s the only way I learn as a writer and consultant, and it really does help.

I hope you’re enjoying the Easter weekend, whatever you may be doing.  I’m frantically finishing the sequel to one of my novels, ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea‘ (written as Penny Canvin) as it is due out at the end of next month.  I need some sunshine to put me in the right frame of mind… but it’s a little bit grey here.  However, the sun has a little peek every now and again so, fingers crossed, the weather will pick up for us all.



Can we make ourselves happier?

Image of happy face

I’m the forever optimist, a happy and positive person… even when it’s difficult to be.  It’s not that I’m ‘burying my head in the sand’, which I’ve heard some people around me suggest – I’m very aware that bad things are happening, some personally, some on a global scale, and many that I cannot influence, stop or help with.  It can even make it feel wrong to be happy when so many others are suffering.  Yet, positive and happy I will stay. Continue reading “Can we make ourselves happier?”

2017 is here!

image of champagne glass toast

Well it’s here, a brand new year.  So, happy 2017 to you!  As well as a new year for me, this is a new blog too.  I’ve been blogging as a fiction author under the name of Penny Canvin for a while now, but 2017 sees the launch of my first non-fiction book and so I wanted to start a regular blog to support my ‘non-fiction’  working life. Continue reading “2017 is here!”