Does Hypnotherapy work for Pain Relief ?

How does hypnotherapy work for pain relief? It’s a very common question. Pain is physical and hypnotherapy works with the brain, right? So, how can it possibly work? Well, it does, and here’s why. However, before you read any further – you must have the pain investigated by a doctor first. There could be a serious problem which needs to be looked into. So please, do visit your doctor.

How can Hypnotherapy work for pain relief?

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When something hurts, our body sends a message to the brain. The brain registers this as pain. The brain then creates various responses. It could be an emotional response: upset, irritation, fear. It could be a reflex: pulling your arm away from the hot stove. Whatever the reaction, it is created by the different parts of the brain. Yes, it’s not quite as simple as this… but it’s important to associate the relationship between the brain and our sense of pain.

Hypnosis can change the way we feel pain. We can switch off the part of the body that feels the unpleasant feeling. But, we can still sense it and describe it – it just doesn’t feel as uncomfortable.

This is why we must get pain checked out by a doctor first. We don’t want to mask pain if something untoward is going on inside of us. It is not a cure, but a pain relief.

Examples of when hypnotherapy can be used

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Can hypnotherapy work for pain relief in children? Yes, most definitely. None of us like to over-use painkillers, even more so for our children. So hypnotherapy is a natural method of pain relief without the side effects of drugs. It is also an excellent method of anaesthesia for a part of the body. For example, at the dentist or when having an injection or vaccination. This also works for adults too!

Phantom pain is extremely uncomfortable. It is felt by people who have had a limb amputated. The pain is felt in the missing limb making it impossible to treat with medication. Up to 95% of amputees are reported to receive some form of pain associated with their amputation.

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Hypnotherapy and visualisation can help to recover from illness or injury. It can relax our muscles and relieve tension, create coolness in inflamed parts of the body.

In fact, hypnotherapy can be used for any type of pain or unpleasant sensation within the body.

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