How to get rid of a phobia

So, how do you get rid of a phobia ? Well, it depends on what it is and what has caused it.

What’s a phobia?

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A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Common phobias are spiders, flying, the dark, heights, open spaces and confined spaces. These phobias, along with others, can rule someone’s life and stop them living the life they want to lead. For example, being afraid of flying can stop someone being able to travel for work or pleasure. This means that they may miss out on opportunities such as holidays with family, or taking a job that they really want. So, its important to be able to get rid of a phobia.

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Often, the person will avoid the object that they are afraid of. They may stay away from busy places, take the train instead of a plane, avoid a hotel room on a high floor of a hotel etc. Confronting the thing they fear can cause excessive symptoms even though they know logically that it makes no sense. For example, it is unlikely to be bitten by a venomous spider in the UK.

What causes a phobia?

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Phobias have often been part of a person’s life for a long time. They may remember the first time they found a spider in their hair, or how it felt when being in the dark in their bedroom as a child. And it’s often common to find that a parent, friend or sibling has passed a phobia at some stage in the past.

And, a phobia can develop from seeing something awful – such as a plane crash on the news, or an accident involving a bus outside the house. It can even stem from being in a difficult social situation, causing social phobia.

So, can you get rid of a phobia?

The good news is that is is absolutely possible to get rid of a phobia. Treatment will depend on the person and the phobia itself. It may be dealt with in one session, or may require several, depending on the cause. But, you can do it!

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