How to Stop a Habit or Addiction

If you want to stop a habit, it’s worth considering hypnotherapy. Nail-biting, hair-pulling, drinking alcohol, smoking… all of these are habits or addictions that hypnotherapy can help.

What is a habit?

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A habit is anything that has become a pattern of behaviour. One that is difficult to stop or avoid. And one that quite often has negative repercussions. Before you stop a habit or addiction, it’s important for the hypnotherapist to find out exactly what type it is. Is it a habit? Or is it a form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)? For example, needing to wash the hands every few minutes is more likely to be OCD. The treatment for both vary, which is why it’s important to be sure.

How does hypnotherapy stop a habit or addiction?

Before treating a habit, it’s essential to find out the following: Is it a habit that has just become a way of life? Or, is the habit there to fulfil some other need? An example is drinking alcohol. Does the person drink because they are in the habit of pouring a glass of wine each evening to have with their meal? Or, do they pour the glass of wine because they are stressed or unhappy?

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The first example is a habit that is often treated with suggestion therapy. This is, finding out the triggers, such as drinking wine with a meal, or smoking a cigarette after a drink. Then, working on suggestions to target those triggers. Also, looking at the negative effects, and visualisation how we’d feel if the habit did not exist.

The second example will need analysis therapy – to find out the underlying cause. This needs to be treated before the addiction itself. Without finding out the underlying cause, the habit or addiction is at risk of being replaced with another after treatment. And that’s because the problem or issue is still there.

Sometimes, a habit began as a ‘need’ but is now just a habit. Such as, a young person smoking with friends at school, to fit in, to feel independent. And now, years later, it is a habit and that need has long gone.

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