Sport and hypnotherapy

Sport and hypnotherapy are not two words that may seem naturally placed together. When we think of hypnotherapy, we think of relaxation and stillness. Whereas sport is generally energetic, quick, fast paced, competitive…

But, whilst they are opposites, sport and hypnotherapy can be mixed. And, it can produce wonderful results.

So, why sport and hypnotherapy together?

image of golf clubs for sport and hypnotherapy

Sporting performance is not all about being physically great. It’s about mental strength too. We have heard about ‘PMA – Positive Mental Attitude’. If we picture something positively, it can happen. We have all heard terms like, ‘Believe in yourself’, ‘You can do it if you put your mind to it’. These are actually true, and more important than you might think.

Sports psychologists very often use this type of training with their clients. Relaxation, visualising a successful result. And then putting it into practice.

How does it work?

image of tennis racquets for sport and hypnotherapy

If involved in a sport, we are used to practicing to make perfect. But, mental practice is also very effective. Picturing that perfect kick of a ball, swing of a tennis racquet, jump of a hurdle. Imagining how the golf club feels in our hands, how the body glides through the water when swimming. Slowly, our mind sets up perfect neural pathways and the repeated practice transitions into actual physical success. It’s all about rehearsing, over and over, until it’s perfect.

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