Treatments – Hypnotherapy, Coaching and EFT

Your treatment will be personalised. It will be based on your needs, the issue or problem, and what works best for you. It could include either one, or a combination of the following treatments: Coaching | EFT | Hypnotherapy. For fees, please click here.

Issues and Problems

I offer hypnotherapy and treatment for a range of issues and problems. These include the following:

Anxiety | Stress Management | Confidence | Smoking | Habits and Addictions | Insomnia and Sleep Disorders | Phobias | Weight Control | Pain Management | Sport Improvement | Study Skills, Memory and Concentration | Childhood Issues | PTSD | OCD

Deciding on the treatment…

It’s important to find the treatment that will work best for you. Although hypnotherapy is Your first session will be a free 30 minute consultation to find out as much as possible about you and the problem you want to overcome. I will then outline the treatment program and, if you wish to go ahead, the 30 minute free session will be followed by an hour’s session of treatment. Please therefore allow 90 minutes for your first session (i.e. 30 minute free consultation, 60 minute treatment which is payable).

How many treatments are required?

Again, this is personal to you. Sometimes, one session is all that is needed. This is common with issues such as smoking, or a phobia. For other issues it may need more sessions which can be booked if, and when, required. If we have worked on an issue, and you are satisfied with the result, I will not encourage you to book further sessions. However, sometimes clients do re-attend at a later date for a ‘top-up’, or if a new issue presents itself.


Your treatment plan may involve any of the following:


Coaching is all about supporting you to reach your potential and make a real, lasting change. It can help to work towards a goal or desire, overcome barriers and obstacles that may be in the way. Maybe you’re looking for a promotion or career change. Perhaps you’re lacking confidence, or are not sure which way to turn. Or, you could have issues with time management, weight loss or difficulties with communication.

During coaching we will explore your needs, motivations and desires. Then, we can work on making changes. I’ll set you challenges along the way, support you and guide you.

Often, coaching is enhanced by hypnosis and so these may be combined during the hour session.


There are many misconceptions about hypnosis. This is often due to stage acts, where a random person taken from the audience is made to do something quite bizarre after being hypnotised. Such as, thinking they’re performing in Vegas when they hear a particular song. Or, running around like a chicken when they feel a hand on their shoulder. This is Stage Hypnosis – don’t worry, it’s not what you’ll be doing with me!

The hypnosis that you’ll experience during a treatment is an ‘altered state’. It is somewhere between waking and sleeping. The mind will be relaxed and open to suggestions. But, you’ll be free to accept or reject them. You’ll also be in total control at all times and will not be made to do anything, or say anything, that you don’t want to.

The hypnotherapy may only require one session. This is common for issues such as smoking, or weight control. During the session, you will receive suggestions whilst in the altered state. These suggestions will be heard by the subconscious mind, which will take notice and be attentive. You will then find a shift in behaviour.

However, sometimes suggestion therapy is not enough. If you have an issue that is not straightforward, then analytical therapy may be required. This is where there is an underlying issue which is not immediately obvious. Until the underlying issue is discovered and treated, the original problem will not be changed. This may require more than one session.


EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a method of using the body’s energy points to clear negative emotions. These energy points are tapped with the fingertips. Think of it like a ‘needle free’ acupuncture… As we know, mental wellbeing can have an effect on physical health. So, negative emotions blocking the energy points can cause physical problems as well as emotional. EFT can restore the energy balance.

EFT may be used to support coaching or hypnotherapy, as well as being an effective treatment in its own right.

Please note: This page looks at the treatment and fees for individuals. For organisational needs, please contact me for more information. Coaching information can be found by visiting the TrainingMK website.

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