2017 is here!

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Well it’s here, a brand new year.  So, happy 2017 to you!  As well as a new year for me, this is a new blog too.  I’ve been blogging as a fiction author under the name of Penny Canvin for a while now, but 2017 sees the launch of my first non-fiction book and so I wanted to start a regular blog to support my ‘non-fiction’  working life.
My fiction writing continues with the second book in the ‘Friendship, Love and…’ series due out in Spring.  But, later this month, my first official non-fiction book is released.  I say ‘first official’ because I’ve been writing training manuals and guides for many years but have never published anything other than for learners and organisations that I work with as a Training Consultant.  So, I’m pretty excited about it, albeit a tad nervous.

Probably like many others around the world, I give a small sigh of relief that 2016 is over.  It was a bit rough, wasn’t it?  In the UK we experienced ‘Brexit’ and its subsequent divide across the nation.  In the US, there was a vote that shocked many.  We’ve seen through the media appalling acts of terrorism and cruel consequences of civil wars across the world which has been both heartbreaking and shocking.  And, on top of all this, we’ve each had our own personal issues and worries, difficult moments and possible regrets.

But 2017 is a new year and, as the eternal optimist, one which I move into with hope and positivity.  As with every other New Years Eve I gave thanks that I and my loved ones made it another 12 months as I’m so acutely aware that many others, such as the innocent every-day people caught up in the cowardly acts of terrorism and war, did not.  I spent time reflecting on what I’d done, the opportunities I was lucky to have, the activities I enjoyed, the things that caused me stress and worry, the situations that worked, and those that didn’t.  And from this reflection I will plan to increase the positives and limit the negatives in 2017 so that I can be as happy and healthy as I can be, and as supportive to others whenever and wherever possible.

May 2017 be happy and prosperous for you and full of wonderful opportunities and things that make you laugh lots, as I think we all really do need that right now.

Happy 2017!


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