Cost for Hypnotherapy Sessions

What’s the cost for hypnotherapy sessions?

The cost of an hour’s session is £70. This is payable by Cash or Card at the end of the session. Alternatively, if you have mobile banking on your phone or device, you may decide to pay by a transfer before leaving the session.


image of clock for cancellation terms of cost for hypnotherapy

24 hours’ notice should be given in the event of cancellation by Client.  If sessions are cancelled within this time a 25% charge may be occurred unless the Hypnotherapist agrees that the reasons are unforeseen. 

By not attending without giving any suitable notice, the full session fee is payable. 

Please note, there is no guarantee that a problem will be ‘cured’. Success depends on many factors. This will be explained during the initial 30 minute free consultation.

Code of Ethics

As a hypnotherapist, and a member of the PHPA, I work to a Code of Ethics. As part of the Code of Ethics, I agree to not pressurise you into treatments. I also will not continue treatments once you are comfortable the issue has been resolved to a satisfactory standard. To view the standards that I agree to, and work to, please click Code of Ethics. The points raised within the Code of Ethics will also form part of the initial free consultation.

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