How to Keep Stress Under Control

Would you like to learn how to keep stress under control? Stress can come from anywhere, and, at any time. It’s normal to have some stress in our lives. Traffic jams, running late, work, relationships. Often, these will cause mild annoyance and frustration, but nothing more. But, they can add up. Add to this a few life events and we can soon have an unmanageable level of stress. Therefore, we all need to have some method of stress management.

The scale of the problem…

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The World Health Organisation (WHO), has named stress as the ‘Health Epidemic of the 21st Century’. The LSE (Labour Force Survey) reported that in 2017/2018, 15.4 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. That’s over half of the working days lost in the UK. Almost every day we each hear of someone we know suffering from stress. It is becoming more and more common as the pressures of our fast-changing world take their toll.

Causes of stress

When we learn how to keep stress under control, we realise that Stress is not always negative. Some people thrive on it. We all need a certain amount to be motivated. But, stress can reach a point where a person can no longer take any more. An actual event does not necessarily trigger stress. It can be a build up which finally reaches bursting point.

Also, stress can be caused by too much going on in our lives. Too much information coming into our brain, and back out again. There are some obvious causes such as a divorce, bereavement and trauma (see PTSD).

Why do we need to keep stress under control?

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Stress management is important because, long term, it can significantly affect our health and wellbeing. Short term reactions to stress include an upset stomach, tight muscles, headaches etc. It can make us anxious and forgetful. Even aggressive.

Over time, the effects become more serious. Migraines, ulcers, panic attacks. Our immune system struggles to function. Our blood pressure can change. The pstchological effects can be even more serious.

How does hypnotherapy help to keep stress under control?

Stress management may not need full hypnotherapy. Sometimes, talking things through can help to relieve some of the stress. It also is a way to look at other options that suddenly present themselves. Being shown how to breathe and relax can also help.

Hypnotherapy can then help to look at ways to change. This is through re-programming.

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