Hypnotherapy for Study Skills

Can you use hypnotherapy for study skills and learning? Yes, most definitely. Hypnotherapy is a great technique for improving exam skills and concentration. It can also treat nerves and anxiety associated with study and exams, including driving tests.

Why might someone need hypnotherapy for study skills?

image of classroom for hypnotherapy for study

Study and learning can be very stressful. Most of us have suffered with this at some stage of our lives. Either when at school or university taking final exams. Or at work when aiming for promotion. And what about when learning a practical skill such as driving? Most people are anxious and stressful before taking their driving test. It’s a normal feeling, isn’t it?

Well yes, but the stress and anxiety can very easily take over, making learning or passing exams and tests almost impossible. The pressure builds, we quickly lose confidence, and this can stand in the way of success. It can even cause panic attacks and other health problems, such as IBS and insomnia.

What else can make studying difficult?

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For some, they do not become anxious about studying. But, they find the whole concept difficult and struggle to retain the information. Sometimes it is the subject itself. Perhaps it feels boring or unrelated to any personal goal they may have. Maybe it is the teacher, that there is no rapport. And pressure from others can make it worse – feeling that others have higher expectations of you than you have of yourself. Worrying you will disappoint your family, friends and teachers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So, can hypnotherapy for study skills help?

Hypnotherapy and visualisation exercises can really help. Whatever the block or difficulty, you can suceed. Overcome anxiety, fear of failing, pressure, concentration. Coaching can also assist, learning different study styles tips and tricks may be all that is needed. Particularly if you’re a ‘mature student’, where it’s been a while since you last had to study. Studying is a skill that we have to practice, it does not necessarily come easily or naturally.

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