Hypnotherapy for Weight Control

Is it possible to use hypnotherapy for weight control? Yes, you can. Weight control means losing weight, maintaining weight and gaining weight. And all three can be helped with hypnotherapy.

Why can weight control be so difficult?

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There are many barriers to weight control, particularly with losing weight. We are bombarded by the media with images of slim bodies. We feel this is how we should look and so we diet. And then diet some more. Then put weight back on, then lose it again. Then put it back on… and so the cycle continues.

Some diet plans are extreme. We can’t wait to finish them and reach our goal. But, once we’re there and we’ve had the holiday, or that special day when we wanted to look our best, it’s easy to go back to where we started. Sometimes, we then put more weight on that we had in the first place.

Other factors can stop us reaching our goals. For women, our weight fluctuates due to cyclic changes. Fluid retention can mimic fat gain. So can bloating. Cyclic changes can also cause cravings, particularly for sugary snacks such as chocolate.

What’s the solution?

There are a number of common reasons for weight gain:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Eating because we are bored
  • Eating with others
  • Using food as a substitute for something else
  • Lifestyle
  • Under-eating (yes, not eating enough can cause havoc with our metabolism!)
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For a long term solution we must change our eating habits and maintain them. Fad diets do not work. As the saying goes, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

This is where hypnotherapy for weight control comes in. We are talking about a change in attitude, in our perception. Hypnotherapy for weight control focusses on the thought processes surrounding food and eating. We look at what is causing the weight gain (or loss) and how we can change it.

All of these causes, and more, can be worked on with hypnotherapy.

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